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This server has biographical sketch excerpted from my vita; it also has a list of publications by topic, last updated March 2011.

 My department web page has pdf's of my recent papers.

. In addition the department sever has two old unpublished working papers on learning in games, both joint with David Kreps: The original 1988 version of our model, where agents experiment with probability going to zero; and the 1994 version that the JET returned for revision, where agents experiment according to a deterministic rule, as they do when they maximize expected utility.

Here is an essay I wrote for the NSF on "predictive game theory."



Game Theory.

The Theory of Learning in Games.

A Long-Run Collaboration on Long-Run Games.

I've been fortunate to work with a number of outstanding students. 

Thanks to Mira Frick I have graphical depictions of my "academic genealogy" and that of Eric Maskin

I can be reached by email at dfudenberg@harvard.edu.
I can also be reached by phone:
Phone: 617.496.5895

My secretary is Lauren LaRosa.
You can call her at
and send email to

My mailing address is
Dept. of Economics
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