Updated November 2007

This server has  a complete list of my publications and a biographical sketch excerpted from my vita; it also has a list of publications by topic.

 My department web page has pdf's of a number of my recent papers. The most recent addition is "Heterogeneous Beliefs and Local Information in Stochastic Fictitious Play (with S. Takahashi).


This fall I am teaching Applied Math 115; my office hours are Wed 1:30-3:30 and by appointment.


I have co-authored two books, both published by MIT Press.

The first, with Jean Tirole, is Game Theory.

The second, with David K. Levine, is The Theory of Learning in Games.

The book is closely related to this essay.

I've been fortunate to work with a number of outstanding students.  This year Fuhito Kojima is finishing his degree.

  Check out Theoretical Economics, a new open-access journal with high standards and phenomenal turn-around times!

I can be reached by email at dfudenberg@harvard.edu.
I can also be reached by phone:
Phone: 617.496.5895

My secretary is Lauren LaRosa.
You can call her at
and send email to

My mailing address is
Dept. of Economics
Harvard University
, MA 02138


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